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how to tell if baby is breathing properly. Parent leaning over side of crib and talking to her baby. Child looking at parent and smiling.

How to tell if a baby is breathing properly: 6 signs to look for

Whether you’re a first-time parent or you’ve been through this before, there’s a lot to learn about your baby’s health and well-being. There’s a learning curve as you start the cycle of feedings, naps, and tummy time, all while learning how your baby communicates their wants and needs. One important factor is how to tell...CONTINUE READING
military parent and child smiling together

Nanit’s Special Thanks to Military Families This Holiday Season

This holiday season, we at Nanit are showing our heartfelt appreciation for military families, who often face unique challenges when starting a family. We see your challenges and are truly appreciative of your service—we know that starting a family (and having a newborn!) is a challenging time, even without the added demands of deployments, transfers,...CONTINUE READING

Introducing Split Screen

We wish we could say “We’ve thought of everything!” when it comes to our Nanit smart baby monitor, but the truth is that some of Nanit’s best features are the result of your feedback. And today, we’re launching a new feature in the app based on suggestions from the Nanit community. Drumroll please… Split screen:...CONTINUE READING